Transmission Warranty

5 Year Transmission Warranty

Veteran's Powertrain Performance LLC offers a 5 year, 150,000-mile warranty on transmission units installed by our technicians at our 215 1/2, 215 East Ave Sparta, Wisconsin shop location.

Veteran's Powertrain Performance LLC also offers a 5 year warranty on transmission units installed by one of our authorized dealers.

2 Year Transmission Warranty

Veteran's Powertrain Performance LLC offers a 2 year warranty on carry-out or shipped transmission units.

Warranty Information

Warranty is only valid at Veteran's Powertrain Performance LLC.

Warranty does not cover damage due to improper install, damaged cooler lines, or improperly flushed coolers.

Warranty does not cover hard parts, ie shafts, planetaries, drums, snap rings, pump gears, sprags, bushings, bearings, etc.

Some models require authorized trans tuning to validate warranty.

Maintenance records of fluid and filter changes made every 30k will be needed to validate warranty

Torque Converter is covered by separate manufacturer's warranty and may require a claim fee.

Veteran's Powertrain Performance LLC is not responsible for any lost time, labor at outside shops, shipping, towing, per diem, rentals or other damages.

Warranty is void at the discretion of Veteran's Powertrain Performance LLC for abuse.

Warranty not valid until core is returned

Core Return Information

*Core returns not eligible for full refund after 30 days from receipt of new parts*

Shipping documents will be emailed as soon as confirmation is received that the core is ready to be picked up. Cores must be drained! Customer is responsible for any charges if the load is refused. Torque converter should be removed and drained as well, damage to the pump may result and will be deducted from the core charge. Please degrease and power wash your core if it is extremely dirty, this will also prevent the load from being refused.

Return Information

Returns accepted within 30 days of item being received. Customer will be responsible for return shipping, a 15% restocking fee, and any damages to the transmission.

Orders can also be cancelled before they are shipped as well for a 5% cancellation fee.