Performance Transmissions FAQ

How do I get my core to you?


If you are sending your core in first, find a sturdy pallet with no broken boards and secure your transmission to it. We highly recommend removing the torque converter and securing it separately.

If you are returning your core after installing our unit, simply strap it into the shipping crate the same way we shipped your new transmission.

Once your core is ready, simply call or email us and we will send you the required paperwork and set up a pickup date

NOTE: Please fully drain transmission and converter before shipping. We suggest removing the pan and both filters while you are removing your driveshafts to allow the transmission to drain. Then remove toque converter and place it upside down on a 5 gallon bucket to drain. Also, please at least remove loose grease and oil from the case. These steps will prevent any hazardous material charges or refused loads.

Why do some models require authorized tuning?


The modifications to our inner drums reduce flex so much that when paired with a Sonnax outer drum they physically apply faster. As a result, the programmed speed at which the overdrive clutches apply even in the factory tune is too fast. This results in a potentially destructive bind shift that can not only damage shafts in the transmission, but even other driveline components.

Additionally, line pressures and line pressure ramp rates need to be adjusted according to your power level to be sure there is enough clamp load when needed to prevent slip. We have spent years gathering data to determine what works while maintaining part throttle shift quality. We offer tuning here on our site, and will also work with your current tuner if they are willing to listen to us.

What if I do not have an authorized installer near me?


We are actively working to expand our network of installers and dealers. If you know of an honest shop that doesn't push parts people don't need, and works to diagnose problems before buying parts, have them apply to become a dealer. The link can be found in our about tab for them to do so.

I don't see my transmission on your site, do you build other units?


Absolutely! We build all units behind diesel pickup trucks other than the new 10 speeds. We also build many units behind gas powered pickups and some muscle cars. We will be expanding our online offerings as we go, but until then feel free to reach out and ask us.

Do you offer full DIY kits to build my own transmission?


We do not currently offer them to the general public. We do not have enough staff to offer the proper tech support at the individual level that would require in most cases at this time. There are plans to provide videos to aid the DIY installer in the future though, this will help allow us to open parts sales up more.

Will you offer parts to other shops?


Yes, we are working on a dealer login that will have exclusive pricing, dealer only parts, and related tech information.

Do you offer a military discount?


Absolutely! We take care of our fellow servicemembers and veterans. Give us a call or send us an email for your discount code.